Roasting Needs

bearingNow that Jlodge is operating on a part time basis, and keeping in mind that we have never been fully self-sustaining, we are beginning to expand the roasting side of things. BUT, now that my little roaster has been faithfully working hard for the past six years, it is time to replace the rear main bearing. This is the first major maintenance that I have had to do on it. So, I ordered the necessary parts and when the new bearing arrived it was not seated properly in the bearing housing. I know it is hard to imagine so hopefully the picture will explain it all.

I have been in touch with the company and they are getting right on it. No complaints there. And I know that mistakes happen. But here we get to my prayer request. Please pray that my little roaster will give me another day's roasting. I have some good roasting orders to fulfill! And also, please pray that the new, properly seated bearing will arrive right away! Thank you!!